Monday, April 25, 2011

Kenli A.K.A the little tornado!

This little mess! I love her so much, but she is a little tornado! We are all constantly taking turns cleaning up after her. Everyone is ready for her to learn to clean up after herself :) except me...they grow up too fast. Love this little mess!


  1. You have my child!!!! Joking.... I was looking skimming blogs while rocking a baby and your little one looks just like my 8 year old, Sierra, when she was that age. They pic in the dollhouse looks just like her. So strange. So, if you want to get an idea of what she MIGHT look like at the age of eight head over to my blog and take a peak at my 2nd to the oldest. And I have got to tell you she is still making messes.... ALL.DAY.LONG!!! ;)

  2. Yes, this little one is now 27 months and still a mess! Wouldn't trade her for the world! She is my first...what's the word for her....strong willed child? She keeps us on our toes, for sure! We now have new one and she is so in love with her. I was afraid of jealousy, but not in the least! She's always trying to hold her and kiss on her. So sweet.